Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I want a solar system, how do I get it?
2. Why can't I get everything in one order?
3. Do I have to order a display stand for my planets?
4. I need planets of a specific size - can you make a set to match my specs?
5. How can I get in touch?

1. If I want a solar system, how do I get it?

These solar system sets are created "on demand"; your model is not made until you decide you want it (so you should allow a week or two for manufacturing.)
More than one manufacturing company might be involved so that each type of part is created by a company that specializes in that kind of work.

  1. First, you choose the 3D-printed solar system model set that you want,
  2. Decide whether you want a matching display stand for it (and which kind of display stand you like),
  3. Decide whether you would like any accessories for that model (such as color backdrops, labels, planetary rings, or other materials).
  4. Then you follow the links here to place your order with the 3D printing company for the solar system model that you want, and they will create it and mail it to you.
  5. You also (optionally) place an order with the cutting/engraving company for the display stand you would like (if any), and they will create it and mail it to you.
  6. And for the printed images and labels, you can either download them (free!) from this site to print them yourself, or customize and print them. Soon (but not quite yet) you will also be able to place an order with an online print shop to create it and mail it to you.

When your orders arrive, you assemble them to create your Solar System display.

2. If I want a display stand as well as the planets, why can't I get both in the same order?

That would be more convenient, but there are some big advantages to using specialized manufacture-on-demand companies instead of a general outfit. You have access to an increasing range of mix-and-match options and customization choices, allowing you to craft a display that matches your preferences (Currently the range of options can be limited, but as time goes on, more options should become available.)
It also allows you to save money by just buying what you want - eg planets without a display stand if you prefer to make you own display system.
Another advantage is getting high quality for an affordable price. Some of these sets can be expensive, but they are also the most accurate, detailed, and beautiful that I know of, because using specialists allows the different parts to be made by state-of-the-art processes.

3. Do I have to order a display stand for my planets?

No. The planets are for you to display however you want! The display stands are just optional accessories to give you choices and ideas. You could hang the planets as a mobile, or put them in your own display, whatever you like. Some people use them as the finishing touch for an orrery (a clockwork model showing the planets moving in their orbits).

4. I need planets of a specific size - can you make some to my specifications?

Probably not. I am interested in hearing about what you want and why, but there is already a long list of new things waiting to be created. So it will be a very long time before I could get to anything not already on the list, and for the foreseeable future that will be limited to things with somewhat broad appeal. So if what you want happens to be something that other people have also requested, and you're not really concerned about how many months (or years) it might take, then things may work out for you. Otherwise, your preferences or design ideas will be considered and pondered, but with no guarantee anything will happen.

How do I get in touch?

There is an email form here, however I don't get a lot of time for this website so I can't always guarantee a response.
Note, many of the supplies that this website recommends are things that can be purchased, but the site links to where they can be purchased rather than selling them. So if there is an issue with order fulfillment, shipping, etc, be sure to communicate with the seller company directly. I am unlikely to be able to help (though I would be interested if there were any quality control issues - I want my recommendations to be informed and useful!)