Guide to an ultra-detailed scale Solar System

Instructions coming soon. If you don't need instructions, then:

The set of 3D-printed planets and moons is available here. It is about $98 plus shipping.

The acrylic display stand is available here. It is about $60 plus shipping.
(Note - the display stand is a two step process - purchase the laser-cutting template/plans for $5, then order them to be made and mailed to you. This is slightly less convenient than a simple order but doing it this way gives an advanced DIYer the ability to load the plans into your own software and add custom/personalized text or etching to the display parts before they are manufactured.)

The rings of Saturn are available here as a pdf for you to either print onto paper and cut out, or print onto transparent film.
Rings of Neptune and Uranus are available also.

I apologize for the lack of detail, but it was requested that I make these parts available sooner rather than later. Now that the basic parts are posted, I'll start adding more details.

The display stand arrives like this - a laser-cut sheet of acrylic (with laser-etching on the underside). Peel off the brown protective backing and fit the parts together. (Do not assemble without removing the protective backing - the parts are cut with precision and will not fit together with the added thickness of the protective backing)

Photo of the 3D printed parts with the gas giant rings printed on transparent paper.

The 3D-printed planets and moons plus the display stand, covers the following objects:

• Moon
• Phobos
• Deimos
• 4 Vesta
• Ceres
• 2 Pallas
• 704 Interamnia
• 10 Hygiea
• Amalthea
• Io
• Europa
• Ganymede
• Callisto
• Hamalia
• Rings
• Janus
• Mimas
• Enceladus
• Tethys
• Dione
• Rhea
• Titan
• Hyperion
• Iapetus
• Phoebe
• Rings
• Miranda
• Ariel
• Umbriel
• Titania
• Oberon
• Rings
• Proteus
• Triton
• Nereid
• Charon
• Hi’iake
• Dysnomia

(The moons of Mars are smaller than 300km, but they are included anyway due to their proximity and significance)